Throwback "a beer" Thursday Video Blog

Welcome to June 10's Throwback "a beer" Thursday video blog. We do these LIVE on Facebook on Thursdays. The goal is for you to join each week and pick a beer that you’ve never had before or a beer you haven’t had in a long time. Another idea is to pick a beer that throws you back to a time in the past when you had that beer. Maybe it was a beer you had during a special event or occasion that reminds you of that event/occasion. You can then share in the comments what beer you're "throwing back" and what your thoughts are on the beer. This way we can all learn about different beers out there.

Today's beer: Good as Helles, Tropical Helles Lager
Style: Munich Helles
Brewery: Birdsong Brewery, Charlotte, NC

Here is the video from our Facebook LIVE beer tasting broadcast...