Walking Brewery Tours
Sylva, North Carolina

We're not a typical beer drinking brewery tour
but an educational experience into the world of craft beer,
the story behind each brewery,
the history of western North Carolina beer,
and this historic mountain town.

– Tour great local craft breweries with a certified beer expert, going behind-the-scenes of the beer making process.
– Learn how to critically taste a variety of craft beers brewed by exceptional brewmasters.
– Learn why you prefer some beers over others.
– Learn about Western North Carolina's rich and diverse beer history.
– Experience and learn about the historic small mountain town of Sylva, NC.

About Beer Treks Brewery Tours

Beer Treks brewery tours are not just your typical beer drinking tours but an educational journey into the fabulous world of craft beer. A certified beer expert, certified through the internationally recognized Cicerone Certification Program, which is the beer world’s equivalent to the Sommelier program for wine, leads each tour. The tours take you behind the scenes of the beer making process, teaches you how to critically taste beer and learn why you prefer some beers over others, tells the story behind each brewery, and gives you insight into the history of Western North Carolina beer. As you walk from one brewery to another along the charming streets of these quaint mountain towns, you’ll also learn some tidbits about their fascinating history and see why the relaxed atmosphere of mountain town life is so appealing.


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