Walking brewery tours
in bryson city and sylva, north carolina

we're not a typical beer drinking brewery tour
but an educational experience into the world of Craft beer,
The story behind each brewery,
the history of western North carolina beer,
and these historic mountain towns

– Tour great local craft breweries with a certified beer expert, going behind-the-scenes of the beer making process.
– Learn how to critically taste a variety of craft beers brewed by exceptional brewmasters.
– Learn why you prefer some beers over others.
– Learn about Western North Carolina's rich and diverse beer history.
– Experience and learn about the historic small mountain towns of Bryson City and Sylva, NC.

The Breweries

Western North Carolina offers some of the best small mountain towns, each with their own personality and charm, not to mention some exceptional breweries. Each of the breweries on the tour tap into the mountains, brewing some of the best craft beers anywhere. Experience these local breweries in a unique way while learning more about this joyful beverage called BEER!

Balsam Falls Brewing Company

Brewing with sustainability and the environment in mind, Balsam Falls Brewery brews classic beers along with unique and creative special brews that focus on the diversities of taste and flavor. Starting their craft as home brewers, the owners have expanded their operation into a brewing house with a tap room and eatery.

Nantahala Brewing Company
Bryson City & Sylva

In the spring of 2009, Nantahala Brewing Company was founded. Their Noon Day IPA was the first beer they brewed in 2010 and by March of 2011 their tap room opened to the public. Brewing a multitude of beers now, which can be found in local bars, restaurants, and grocery stores, Nantahala Brewing Company continues to plan for their future.

Innovation Brewing
Sylva & Dillsboro

With a goal of changing the way you think about beer, Innovation Brewing is always creating new brews and rotating them around. With 30+ different beers and 12 standards, Innovation does just what their name implies... they keep innovating and creating exciting and delicious beers.

Mountain Layers
Brewing Company
Bryson City

In 2014, Mountain Layers Brewing Company was born. With the goal to brew great craft beer in a mountain town they recently relocated to and knowing the rich and layered history of the mountains and its local people, their name was founded. Their desire to bring the craftwork of nature into their beers is very evidident. 

Lazy Hiker Brewing Company
Sylva & Franklin

Located not far from the Appalachian Trail and Bartram Trail, their original brewhouse and taproom in Franklin, NC has spread to their latest location in Sylva, NC. Brewing a variety of unique and flavorful beers, Lazy Hiker beers have names like Twentymile IPA and Trail Mate Golden Ale. With a goal of providing a good benefit to the community, Lazy Hiker excels.

The Mountain Towns

Western North Carolina, just south of the spectacular Great Smoky Mountains National Park, boasts some of the best mountain towns anywhere in the U.S. Small mountain town flare, charm, beauty, and friendliness come into view as soon as you set foot in Bryson City and Sylva. Our tours don't just give you a tour of the local breweries but provide you the ability to see and experience mountain town life as well as learn a little history about each unique town.

Bryson City, NC

Bryson City started out as Charleston, which was incorporated in that name in 1887. In 1889, the name was changed to Bryson City, in honor of Colonel Thaddeus Dillard Bryson. The town is surrounded on all sides by mountains with the Great Smoky Mountains rising to the north, the Cowee Mountains rising to the south, and the Plott Balsams rising to the east. Bryson City is home to the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, is just outside the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and offers great restaurants, shops, and many great outdoor activities.

Sylva, NC

Sylva became an official town in 1913 with the construction of a railroad station opening up much opportunity for the area. With the railroad stop came many businesses and new towns people. The very popular and historic Jackson County Courthouse was constructed in 1914 and is one of the most beautiful and prominent sites in the city. Sylva is nestled between the Nantahala National Forest and the Balsam Mountains. A vibrant and historic Sylva today offers many great mountain town attractions.

About Beer Treks Brewery Tours

Beer Treks brewery tours are not just your typical beer drinking tours but an educational journey into the fabulous world of craft beer. A certified beer expert, certified through the internationally recognized Cicerone Certification Program, which is the beer world’s equivalent to the Sommelier program for wine, leads each tour. The tours take you behind the scenes of the beer making process, teaches you how to critically taste beer and learn why you prefer some beers over others, tells the story behind each brewery, and gives you insight into the history of Western North Carolina beer. As you walk from one brewery to another along the charming streets of these quaint mountain towns, you’ll also learn some tidbits about their fascinating history and see why the relaxed atmosphere of mountain town life is so appealing.


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